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ABSL Albania aims to become the leading authority in the E-commerce filed, and for this purpose has undertaken several steps: 

Offering support for the organization and development of round tables with the main stakeholders in the field, facilitating the identification of the e-commerce challenges and issues and provision of concrete measures and action plan for exploring the potential of this sector to the Albanian economy.


On February 13th 2020, ABSL Albania supported the World Bank with the organization of the first Round Table related to the e-Commerce sector in Albania, “E-Commerce Diagnostics”, where ABSL Albania had the opportunity to gather businesses and start-ups operating in e-commerce. 

The Round Table’s purpose was to identify the main issues and problematics of the e-commerce sector in Albania and identify the potential of this sector. The information provided and the network created served as input for the preparation of the “Albania E-Commerce Diagnostic” report, that was published in December 2020

On December 14th 2020, again ABSL Albania facilitated the organization and development of the second Round Table, gathering businesses and relevant stakeholders operating in the e-commerce sector (private and public ones).

The main issues discussed were related to specific actions that need to be undertaken in the operational and decision-making levels, in order to improve the e-commerce sector, facilitate the businesses operation in the market and increase reliability of customers towards these stakeholders/institutions.

The main issues identified and that need to be addressed: