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Invest in Albania

Welcome to your next business Services Destination

If deciding to invest in Albania, ABSL Albania, as a leading organization in Business Sector will assist you with: Business flexibility and speed to market, transformation, cost management, service excellence, business consulting, training and education, support and development, virtual assistane and digital marketing solutions. Our aim is to gather high profile companies in the area of SCC, BPO, ITO and R&D that will definitely help and contribute to the sector’s growth. 

Key Macroeconomic Indicators

Population (2021)


GDP Growth (2018 - 2020)

2.9 %

Unemployment (2020)

11.7 %

GDP per Capita (2020)

$ 5215

Inflation (2020)

1.6 %

Minimum Monthly Wage

18.0 %

Key Business Services Data

Total employment in the sector.


Number of large centers.


Total employment in 2021.



Shared Service Centers (SSC) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) are the foundation of modern business strategies for corporations around the world. In a globalized economy, companies now need to be able to outsource to foreign locations. With new technology, it is no longer limited to a particular location. 


employees in BSS


companies in BSS


position in mature outsourcing markets

Top Services Offerings


ABSL Albania is currently working and aims to promote through a legal framework, advocacy and lobbying for economic growth and employment for BPO, ITO, SCC and R&D sector. This for sure guarantees the development of BPO sector by facilitating business policies aimed at economic growth and employment.  ABSL Albania also aims to promote the BPO sector as a positive sector for Albanian economic growth. The intent is to help the responsible state institutions to better understand the problems of this sector, as well as to adopt the necessary legislative or administrative measures to improve the relevant legal and sub-legal framework.

Labor Market

While the BPO industry is one of the fastest-growing in the world, there is an equally fast-growing BPO industry in Albania. Albania’s competitive advantage is the country’s low labor costs. This enables the country to provide good wages for its workforce, and at the same time, keep prices high. Compared with more developed Eastern Europe neighbors, Albania offers employers a much cheaper labor force on average. In addition, there are many young graduates who join the workforce every year. They have been carefully trained on market-aligned courses

Investor benefit

The Law on Foreign Investment allows 100 percent foreign ownership of companies and outlines specific protections for foreign investors. No prior authorization required for an initial investment & No sector is closed to FDI. The government does not screen foreign direct investment. Investors enjoy the right to expatriate all funds and contributions from their investments. Albania is signatory of the New York Convention and foreign arbitration awards are recognized by Albania. Albanian law does not impose performance requirements on foreign or domestic investors.